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"We are continuously faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems."
-Lee Iacocca


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VISIONS: The Women's Expo
Dallas, TX - Houton, TX - Washington, DC
Los Angeles, CA - Phoenix, AZ
Kansas City, MO - Tampa, FL
Indianapolis, IN - Austin, TX

Kids FunFest
Dallas, TX

Arizona Family Kid's FunFest
Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Family Women's Expo
Phoenix, AZ

Washington Post Travel Fest
Washington, DC

Washington Post Financial Show
Washington, DC


We're in the Opportunity Business

TZBC has a winning track record of producing innovative events that position media properties as community leaders while producing new sources of revenues.

Some of our most successful events have on-line counterparts that further increase visibility and revenues for media properties as well as advertisers. One such event/website combination is VISIONS: The Women's Expo, which was sold to Belo Corporation in 2002.

Click below to visit the VISIONS - Dallas website:


So what does Ms. Ziller Brazell
bring to the expo table?

"Unbelieveable passion. Susan's got her hands in every
single piece of it, every single minute. Passion."

Gale Duff-Bloom on VISIONS: The Women's Expo
President of Communications



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