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Making Your Company Grow

A Unique Approach

The Ziller Brazell Company distinguishes itself by offering a consultative approach to solving client's media sales problems. Rather than presenting a template program to our clients, the founder of TZBC, Susan Ziller Brazell, believes that each client is best served with a customized plan.


The TZBC approach begins with interviews with senior management to ascertain the problems, needs and objectives of the media client. Then and only then is TZBC able to design a personalized program to achieve your objectives. Our clear strength is in coming up with unique ideas for generating revenue through media-centric marketing.


The result is a fully integrated program that is unique to your situation and maximally efficient as we work to make use of your existing assets.


"I brought Susan in to evaluate our annual non-traditional revenue plans for our five station group. Not only did she recommend ways to increase revenue opportunities on current plans, but she recommended entirely new opportunities for the group which excited and stimulated our sales teams."
Benda Adriance
Former Regional Vice President, Clear Channel Radio




The staff at TZBC knows
the media business

There is no learning curve

Assistance with development
of client relationships

From how to get an appointment,
to how to present and close,
TZBC is involved


Menu of Services

Assisting sales management in finding the
best new revenue opportunities

Training the existing sales management team

for maximum results selling new media programs/opportunities to clients

Analyzing your markets for existing product/programs that can develop new revenue

Identifying and creating new media
sales opportunities

Identifying talent/companies to execute all above-mentioned programs/marketplace




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