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A series of vignettes available on television and online featuring Ruby Bridges, the young school girl who single-handedly changed the face of public schools in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1960. Ms. Bridges is a public speaker and author of "Through Her Eyes". She has spent the last ten years speaking to students of all ages throughout America about civil rights issues and is known for her special rapport with children. This series of vignettes will be sold to corporate underwriters and televised on broadcast or cable networks who realize the power of a legend.

Southern Sounds
Shot in stunning high-definition video and captured in Dolby surround, Southern Sounds is a soul-stirring portrait of Louisiana’s venerable music scene and those who have blossomed within it. Through the eyes and ears of the artists themselves, each episode paints an impressionistic portrait of Louisiana, from the broad brush stroke of the Atchafalaya Trace, to the intimate detail of a piano parlor in Gert Town. Each frame reveals the rich texture of Louisiana’s music and geographic landscape. In 13 episodes, Southern Sounds takes us inside, outside and through the music Louisiana loves. In partnership with LPB, television audiences are given the best seat in the house.

Southern Sounds photo courtesy of: Silent G Imagery


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